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The entire site is based on Markdown. I've found this cheatsheet to be very useful for writing Markdown:


The site is generated with MkDocs, which converts the written Markdown to a fully fleshed website. You can find more information about MkDocs here:


This site is hosted on ReadTheDocs, which also handles the conversion of Markdown to HTML with MkDocs. The homepage for ReadTheDocs is located here: I suggest checking the Getting Started Guide for information about how to use this service.

Material Theme

This site uses the Material Design theme for MkDocs. You can find more information about the Material theme here:

Markdown Extensions

In addition to default Markdown, the site also uses some extensions to provide additinal functionality. All the enabled extensions can be found in the markdown_extensions list in mkdocs.yml.

Currently, information about all the extensions we use can be found here:

If you add an extension that requires a new Python package to be installed, be sure to add that package to requirements.txt.