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Finding JavaDocs and Resources

Unfortunately, not all JavaDocs are contained in one singular documentation. You may have to look in different documentations to find what you are looking for. Here is a general outline of where stuff might be:

Java 11 Javadocs

  • Regular Java code that is not unique to robots
  • ArrayLists
  • Wrapper Classes (Integer, Double, etc)

WPILib Javadocs

  • Anything concerning how the command based project runs, and driver station related classes
  • Joystick
  • SmartDashboard
  • Commands
  • Subsystems
  • CommandScheduler

Common Vendor Libraries

  • Motors, Motor Controllers, other hardware on the robot
  • Rev Robotics
    • Spark/SparkMax motor controllers
    • Color Sensors
  • Cross the Road Electronics (CTRE/Phoenix)
    • Talon motor controllers
    • CANCoders
  • Generally if you do not know, ask around what vendor the motor is from
  • You can also check the MotorControllerFactory classin lib199 to see what class type is used when creating a certain motor controller
    • Looking at imports import com.ctre.phoenix.motorcontrol.can.WPI_TalonSRX; you can tell this motor is a phoenix


  • Anything whose import has "lib199" in it
  • This code is written by Carlmont students that is reused every year
  • The javadocs are available here
  • We have a long video detailing all classes in lib199


If you are reading this, remind one of the veteran programs to add timestamps to the lib199 video


  • Limelight
  • "Resources" section of this website
  • Any version control commands is related to git
  • Google "[insert name] frc javadoc" or "[insert name] frc documentation" and hope for the best
  • Ask a programming veteran