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PRs and Code Reviews

Code Review Process

Feature branches should go through two code reviews:

  1. The first one where there is no new implementation. All code here is either structural code (classes and methods setup but not implemented), or code that we have already written in the past (such as drivetrain code). This is to catch structural problems early on and have the reviewer familiarize themself with the code so it will be easier to do the final review. When unit tests are necessary, they should also be written in this phase.
  2. The second one should be the final code review. This is looking at the entire finished feature and making sure that it is written correctly.

Each pull request should be reviewed by at least one student, and it is preferable, although not required, to have that student do both reviews.

Unit Testing

What code needs unit tests is explained in section 6, but the programming leads/mentors may request that unit tests be written for a branch to be merged.