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The Terminal

(Also known as the Big Scary Ugly Fancy Interactive Textbox)


What's the terminal? Why would I use it?

The terminal is takes some time to learn. There's no getting around it. It looks like a big box of text and you can't use your mouse. But using it unlocks ✨special abilities✨ from any computer you're using.

  • Building and Deploying the robot code without WPILib or any other software.
  • Previewing this website as you edit it
  • (ugly) Github!
  • Browse files
  • Installing anything you could think of
  • Uninstalling your operating system and everything else

To put it shortly - you can do anything on your computer with the terminal, ... as long as you take the time to learn how.

What's covered in this section:

  • [Almost] Everything mentioned above

This is why the driverstations are Windows computers and not Linux computers

Uninstalling the bootloader