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Teleoperated Period

Before you start coding

Before you code the drivetrain, you need to find the answers to these questions, probably from a team member:

  • How many motors will there be on each side?
  • What motor controllers are we using the control the drivetrain?
  • What are the CAN IDs of the motor controllers?

Once you know the answers to these, you should be ready to get started.


You can use the TrainingRobot repo that you've been using in previous sections as a base for your drivetrain code. Let's first code our teleoperated (teleop) mode, where drivers are the ones controlling the robot.

Requirements for teleop:

  1. be able to drive the drivetrain with the joysticks in arcade mode (ask around if you don't know what that means)
  2. be able to drive the drivetrain with the joysticks in tank mode
  3. have a button on one of the joysticks to toggle between the two modes

Alright, get to it! Use the resources listed in the Resources section, past robot code, and help from mentors and team members to your full advantage! Once you're done with this part, test it in Webots by loading the Test.wbt world and simulating it. Once you have verified that your code works in the simulator, check in with a programming lead or mentor, and then test it out on an actual drivetrain!