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In order to write and run robot code, we need to install a few pieces of software.


The WPILib suite installs the IDE we write our code in and the tools needed to run and deploy that code to the robot.

Follow the instructions on the official WPILib documentation for your respective OS.


Alternative methods of working on our code DO exist, but are generally more complicated and liable to break. Ask a programming veteran for more info on them.

Git and Github

We use Git and Github to keep track of and collaborate on code.

Again, follow the instructions for your respective OS to get Git here. Preferrably, install Github Desktop for it's ease of use.

If you do not have a GitHub account, create one now.

Once you have your account, tell a programming mentor or programming lead your username so they can add you to our GitHub organization.

Next, set up your username (your real name) and email in Git by following these instructions: