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Task Delegation

Github Issues

Bugs or features which have to be worked on/implemented should have an issue open on Github. An issue should contain a descriptive title which gives a good overview of the issue and a description which contains a thoughough description of the problem as well as any other relevant information.

Read more about Github Issues here

Shadowing Team Members

Programming team members who are not fully ready to work independently during build season will be assigned to shadow a more experienced member. Experienced members who are assigned a shadow should be explaining and talking about their code while they are writing it, and should try to involve the shadow in as much as they can.

Build Season Schedule

The programming team's goal is to have at least basic functionality code ready to test on mechanisms as soon as we have mechanisms done. Approximately, that means the drivetrain code should be written by the end of the first week, and code for all other mechanisms written by the end of week 4.

Team members from each subteam will be distributed to each of the mechanisms during the start of build season. You are generally responsible for writing the code for the mechanism group you are part of.