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Autonomous Period

Before you start coding autonomous

Before you can code your autonomous period, you'll need to find the answer to a few more questions:

  • What ports are we plugging the encoders into?
  • What is the distance per pulse of the drivetrain encoders?


Once you've successfully written code for the teleop period, it's time to move to autonomous.

Your autonomous period should consist of two things First, move the robot 2 feet forward. Then, spin the robot around in circles for the remainder of the autonomous period.

More requirements for autonomous:

  • it must use a command group (look in the documentation if you forgot what that is) to run the autonomous period, with one command for moving and the other for spinning
  • it can only use the encoder values to tell the command whether or not you have traveled far enough
  • it should not overshoot by a wide margin, but as long as it goes past 2 feet it's acceptable

Good luck! Again, once you're done, check in with a veteran programmer and then run your code on a robot!