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With Python

Installing Software


To contribute to the website, you will need to use the terminal/command line on your computer. This is not a user-friendly application, so if it's your first time - get a veteran who's familiar with it.

Python 3

If you do not have Python installed, follow the instructions to download it for your computer's OS (typically Windows, OSX/MacOS, or Linux) from this website.

Source Code

Clone the training docs repo with Github, with your preferred method.

Python Dependencies

This site uses the MkDocs Python package to convert Markdown files to a website, and a few more packages to provide additional functionality and theming. You can install all the necessary dependencies by running python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt in your terminal while in the root directory of this repo.

Development Workflow

To develop locally, run python3 -m mkdocs serve in the root directory of this project. This will generate a local website which autorefreshes whenever changes are made.

The terminal will output a line something like this below, where you can find the link of your local website.

INFO - [19:08:41] Serving on

When you are done making a change, simply create a new branch of and make a pull request. ReadTheDocs will automatically update the site within a few minutes, if your pull request is accepted.