Yearly Checklist

These are things that should be checked/changed in the curriculum before pre-season starts every year.

  • All the links work and direct to the correct places
  • The instructions that are about WPILib are up-to-date and match the new library changes for the year
    • That means updating, testing, and possibly rewriting the robot code in the code/ directory
  • The instructions in section 5 "Build Season Process" are up to date. This and WPILib are the most prone to change
  • Nothing was accidentally changed in the master branch by trainees
    • In the branches they created, the only change should be adding their name to section-2/
  • The branches that were created by trainees for their version control practice are deleted
  • New items are added to this list based on what we missed this year
  • The curriculum is adjusted on difficulty and odd parts are fixed based on trainee input
  • Quickly look through the entire site to make sure everything is correct
  • Make sure whoever is presenting the presentations in section 1 are familiar with them
    • You can coordinate with SenAct on maybe giving the presentation together or having a SenAct team member do the presentation
  • We have the newest and most relevant XKCDs \ (•◡•) /