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Building and Deploying

On your OWN computer!

Okay, don't go nuts, but you can build and deploy robot code from your terminal. You can't use the Driverstation software without... well... using the Driverstation app, but this can be extremely useful if you aren't coding in VSCode, or the driverstations are being wacky.

Thankfully, there's a file that makes all these things very easy for you.

The gradlew file

Every EmptyProject20XX repository comes with a gradlew file, and by extension every RobotCode20XX will have it as well. Gradlew is an executable file, which means you run it by using the ./ filepath prefix.

Running ./gradlew without anything else actually just builds the Robot Code. It's that easy - exactly the same thing happens as when you're using VSCode.


If your terminal tells you Permission Denied when running the file, do sudo chmod 777 ./gradlew. This gives everyone permission to run the executable.

However, ./gradlew tasks will give you the full (very big!) list of what you can do. But the only ones we care about are ./gradlew build and ./gradlew deploy.

All of gradlew's things are equivalent to their VSCode counterparts.

That's all there is to it.